Southside Virginia

William Marable, son of Major George Marable of James City, during and after his service in the House of Burgess from 1736 to 1740, began acquiring large tracts of land south of the James River in what became Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Charlotte counties. By 1747 William had removed from James City County to Lunenburg County where he remain until his death, sometime after 1762.

William's oldest son, Matthew Marable, became possessed of his father's large estate in 1757, through an agreement providing the care of William and his wife Frances and their younger sons, William "the younger," John and Christopher Edward Marable. Matthew built upon his father's fortune to become one of the largest merchants in Southside Virginia during the period leading up to the Revolutionary War. During this period Matthew also served as vestryman, sheriff, justice and burgess for Lunenburg and then Mecklenburg counties before his death in 1786.

For reasons which remain unclear, Matthew's descendants left Virginia, mostly by about 1800, migrating primarily to north-central Georgia.

Henry Hartwell Marable, son of George Marable, Jr. of Charles City County, become heir to the lands and estate of his uncle of the same name which were in Sussex Co., Virginia, and he left many descendants, some of whom remain there.

Henry Hartwell Marable, son of Benjamin Marable of James City and Charles City counties, became heir to the lands and estate of his uncle of the same name which were in Brunswick Co., Virginia (and perhaps Northamption County, North Carolina). Some of his descendants remained there, but Hartwell himself, and his son John Hartwell Marable, migrated to Tennessee shortly after 1800, where Hartwell became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church and John Hartwell Marable was a doctor, state senator and Congressman from Tennessee.

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