Slaves of George Bernard Major

This list, entitled "Negro Ages," was probably prepared by John E. S. Major, or by his father, George Bernard Major, at the end of the War Between the States. It is among the Major - Marable Family Papers collection of the Williamsburg Foundation Library. It lists slaves, and their dates of birth, presumably held by the Major family. A number of these people may have come from the Marable family, however. The two families were very close in Charles City County in the 1800's. 

If you can keep this straight, you are to be commended:

John E. S. Major had just married Maria L. Marable, daughter of Edward Henry Marable and granddaughter of Elizabeth Major. On her Major side, however, Maria was a Marable as well since Elizabeth Major was the daughter of John Major, Sr. and Martha Marable (daughter of George Marable of Westover Parish).

John E. S. Major was the son of George Bernard Major and Elmora Catherine Griffeth Marable (a great granddaughter of George Marable of Westover Parish). Moreover, George Bernard Major was the son of John Major, Sr. and Martha Marable, mentioned above, and was, thus, himself a grandson of George Marable of Westover Parish.

Major - Marable Family Papers 
held by the Williamsburg Foundation Library







Mansfield was born 
Betsy was born 
Alfonso was born 
Samuel was born -- Dead 
Cornelius was born 
Thadeus was born 
Susan was born -- Sold
Manerva was born 
Alonzo was born 
George was born -- Sold Charles was born 
Margaret was born -- Dead 
Nancy was born-- Sold 
William Henry was born 
Warren [?] was born --Dead
Dilsey was born 
Lucy was born 
John was born 
Anna was born 
Edward Warren was born 
John Mason was born 
Sally was born 
Thomas was born 
Billy Ranaal was born 
Gloria was born 
Molly was born 
Judy was born 
Peter was born 
Richard was born 
Albert was born 
Martha was born 
Laura was born 
Samuel was born 
James was born 
Patsy was born 
Amy was born 
Edmond was born 
Betsy was born 
Jane C was born 
Caroline was born 

March 24th 1826
May 1826
January 8th 1827
November 1827 
April 5th 1828
January 25th 1829 
January 5th 1830 
January 27th 1830 
November 19th 1830
August 31st 1832 
November 25th 1832 
March 5th 1834 
July 27th 1834 
Sept 21st 1836
August 16th 1837
March 25th 1838 
July Sold 16 1838 
July 10 1839 
Nov 5 1839 
July 20 1840 
March 2 1840 
June 21st 1841
August 16 1841 
August 24th 1842 
September 14 1842 
April 10 1843
January 1 1844 
December 31 1844
April 1845 
July 29 1845 
July 25 184
August 27 1846 
Sept: 14 1847 
Dec:r 29 1847
January 28 1848
May 7 1848 
April 3 1849 
June 19th 1849
June 6th 1837
Decr -- 1853




Julian born 
Robert Fullerton was born 
Ida Randolph was Born 
Eldrige Atkenson was Born 
Horace Randall was Born 
Marion Mitchell Born 
Georgeana Brown Born 
Daniel Randall Brown 
Wm Henry Mitchell 
William White was born 

June 24th 1854 
February 18th 1856 
February 15th 1857 
Aug Dead 9th 1858 
Feb 24th 1860 
July 27th 1861 
May 10 1864 
March 7th 1866 
May 20th 1865 
August 1866