The Suburbs of James City

(Maps from Forman, "The Bygone 'Subberbs of James Cittie,'" 20 William & Mary Q'ly 475.)

These maps show the approximate location of the land in the Pashbyhayes leased by Maj. George Marable in and before 1712.  Outlined in white on the map to the left is the approximate location of a tract in the Governor's Land originally leased, prior to 1683, by the immigrant George Marable, and shown in a survey map in the 1680's as leased by George Marable and a William Marable.  No other reference has been found to this William Marable. It is speculated that he was a brother (probably an older brother) of Maj. George Marable, but that he died or left Virginia shortly after their father's death in the early 1680's.

In a survey commissioned by Phillip Ludwell concerning land north of Jamestown Island in the Pasbyhayes (complete 27 May 1712), Simon Jeffreys, surveyor, describes Ludwell's bounds in part as follows:

This same survey is referred to in leases of portions of the Governor's Land granted by Sir William Gooch in 1747, including one to Benjamin Marable, son of Major George Marable: