The Family of James Lawson Marable
of Van Zandt Co., Texas

Many of the people presented on these pages loom larger than life. Some acquired substantial wealth, some wielded a measure of power, a few stir romantic images of a continent a-borning. They are all Marables and almost certainly are descendants of Major George Marable of James City Co., Virginia, and of his father, the immigrant of the same name, who was living on Jamestown Island in 1663. Many of their descendants are justly proud of their Marable heritage.

This is my great grandfather, the first James Lawson Marable. I am proud of him as well; but it is fitting that he is pictured here on his knees with newly picked cotton in his hands. He was never rich, never powerful. I have finally, recently, established his connection with the Marables of Jamestown as a grandson of the youngest son of the youngest son of William Marable of James City Co.

In 1869 he left his birthplace in Talladega Co., Alabama, and moved west to Van Zandt Co., Texas. He was then 17 years old and left behind the ashes of War and the bodies of his older brothers. He was the first subscriber of the first newspaper in Wills Point, Texas, where he made his home -- that was his point of pride. When he died in 1930, that newspaper printed an obituary mourning the passing of a pioneer of the county.

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