The Hon. John Hartwell Marable of Tennessee

Dr. John Hartwell Marable served in the United States House of Representatives from 1825 to 1829 as a representative from Tennessee.

Born November 18, 1786, near Lawrenceville, Brunswick Co., Virginia, he was the son of the Rev. Henry Hartwell Marable (1752 - 1832) and a great grandson of Major George Marable of James City Co., Virginia.

As a young man he studied medicine in Philadelphia before establishing a practice on Yellow Creek in Tennessee by about 1810. He served in the Tennessee state legislature 1817 -1818. As a friend of Sam Houston, Rep. Marable contributed to a minor national flap when his enthusiasm for his friend's endeavors caused him to remark that Houston would build an empire in Texas within ten years.

The Hon. John Hartwell Marable died in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, on April 11, 1844 and is buried in the Marable Cemetery at his home, called "Escape," near Palmyra.

Correspondence of John Hartwell Marable.

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