The Marable Family: a Novel

by Shaler Hillyer (J. B. Lippencott 1879)

This novel tells the story of the fictional family of Philip and Lucy Marable, the proprietors of a plantation called Innisfel, situated to the north of the town of Rome in Floyd County, Georgia. It covers a time period from about 1850 until just after the close of the Civil War. This Marable family is a very good family and everybody loves them (except, of course, the villains who complain that the Marables have a tendency to meddle in other peoples' affairs-- particularly their own nefarious business, which the villains feel would be best not meddled in).

It is possible to obtain the book on microfilm if one is sufficiently diligent; and I am please to say that I am no longer the only living person who has read it. A cousin was fascinataed when she saw this page and went to the trouble to read the book. So, we are at least two. I found the book surprisingly readable, but I am not sure that that is an adequate basis upon which to recommend it to any but those who bear the Marable name or descend from the author.

My own research turned up no biographical information on Shaler Hillyer other than the dates of birth and death (1809-1900) attached to the catalog card for another book held by the Library of Virginia (they don't have this one). My suspicion that he was the brother of Junius Hillyer (1807-1886) who was a United States Congressman from Georgia in the 1850's and solicitor for the U. S. Treasury from 1857 to 1861 has now been confirmed by a Hillyer descendent who happened across this page and contacted me. From his brief biography of the Rev. Shaler Granby Hillyer I have learned that the author may well have been acquainted with the Marable family, particularly in the area south of Athens, Georgia, where he taught and preached in the 1840's and in Floyd Co.where he preached in the 1850's. I am indebted to Shaler Hillyer's great great grandson, Robert Owen, for this information.