Fifth Generation

20. William MARABLE was born about 1700 in James City Co., Virginia. He patented the13-acre triangular island at Archer's Hope in 1715. He was a justice of James City Co. from 1731 to 1738.28,29 Archer's HopeHe served as Sheriff of James City Co. from 23 Apr 1734 to 11 Jun 1735.29 He served as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses representing James City Co. from 1736 to 1740.24

After 1740 he left James City Co. for the Southside of Virginia where he acquired substantial landholdings over the next fifteen years. In 1754 and 1755 he transferred his lands and property to his eldest son, Matthew. He died after 1762, probably in Petersburg or in Lunenburg Co., Virginia.

William Marable married  Elizabeth Chermeson (daughter of Dr. Joseph Chermeson and his wife Elizabeth) in 1726, but Elizabeth died a year later. The will of her step-father, Claude Rouvierre, made on 9 Apr 1740 in Henrico Co., Virginia, shows that Elizabeth had at least one child before she died, but it is unknown who that child was or whether he or she survived to adulthood. It is possible that either Matthew or Mary, both attributed below to Mary _____, could instead have been that child.

It is among William's descendants that the names "Champion" and "Edward Travis" appear in the Marable family. William named a son "Christopher Edward" and among his grandchildren were, "Champion Marable," "Champion Christopher Marable," and "Edward Travis Marable."  The name "Champion" also appears, less frequently, in the other branches of the Marable family.

The Travis family was of Jamestown Island and long known to the Marable family. The second Edward Travis served as a justice of James City Co. in 1680, with the immigrant George Marable. Both Edward Champion Travis and his son Champion Travis served in the House of Burgesses with William's son, Mathew. Edward Champion Travis was also William's principle creditor in 1757 when William assigned all of his assets to Mathew in exchange for Mathew's bond and agreement to provided for William's younger sons and to maintain William and his wife with a house and carriage.

The puzzle of the relationship between the Travis and Marable families may have been solved with the publication of John Frederick Dorman, Adventurers of Purse and Person 1607-1624/5, 4th Ed.., Vol. II, Families G-P (Genealogical Publishing Co. 2005). Citing earlier genealogies, Dorman asserts that the mother of Edward Champion Travis was, in fact, an Elizabeth Marable, doubtless a previously unknown daughter of Maj. George Marable (thus, a sister of William -- and the third Edward Travis would have been William's brother-in-law and Edward Champion Travis, his nephew). See, Elizabeth MARABLE (but see, the cautionary note there about the conflict of Dorman's genealogy with the established historical view of the Travis family).

William MARABLE and Elizabeth CHERMESON were married in 1726 in James City Co., VA. Elizabeth CHERMESON died in 1727 in James City Co., VA. She is mentioned in the Will of Claude Rouvierre dated 9 April 1740.

William married, second, Mary _____, in or about 1730 in James City Co., Virginia.

William Marable and Mary _____ had the following children:









William MARABLE the younger.






Christopher Edward MARABLE.

William MARABLE and Frances were married about 1757 in Lunenburg Co., VA. Frances died after 1762.