(from Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. IX (1902), p. 426)

To all to whom these presents shall come. I, Captain John West, Esqr., Governor, etc., send greetings, etc. Now know ye that I, the said Captain John West, Esqr., do with the consent of the Council of State accordingly give and grant unto Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens one thousand acres of land situate, lying and being in the County of Charles City, known and called by the name of Flowerdew Hundred, being bounding from the creek called Flowerdew Hundred creek down the main river and into the Spring Swamp, being the uppermost bounds upwards upon the said river and northwest into the woods and lying along and upon the south side of the main river over against Weyanoake, the said one thousand acres being due unto her the said Elizabeth Stevens, in right of descent from her Father, Abraham Pearsey, late of Virginia, and is as part of her share and portion of Inheritance as Coheir from her said Father, which Land was also due unto the said Abraham Pearsey by purchase from Sr. George Yardley, Kt., late Governor of Virginia as by a Deed of bargain and sale under the hand and seal of the said Sr. George Yardley bearing date the 5th day of October, 1624, may and doth more at large appear. To have and to hold the said one thousand acres of Land, etc, dated the 15th of Oct. Anno. Domini, 1636. 

A copy -- Teste:  Ro. Minge,
Ben. Waller,
C. S. O