Leaving Virginia

During the decade beginning about 1800, branches of the Marable family started to reach out from Southside Virginia to the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee.  This table shows the earliest events outside Virginia involving the Marables that have been found to date.  (Unfortunately, the  records of the 1810 census of Georgia and the Carolinas are lost.)
19 May 1798 SC York Dist. Matthew Marable  Birth of daughter Elizabeth
1799 GA Wilkes Co. John Marable On tax rolls (no property)
1800 to 1802 GA Wilkes Co. Richard Marable On  tax rolls
24 Nov 1803 GA Greene Co. John Marable Married Elizabeth Shelton
6 Jan 1804 SC Abbeville Dist. John H. Marable and Henry H. Marable Witnessed will of John Wilson Swancy
13 Dec 1804 GA Greene Co. John Marable Married Fannie Lawson
Mar 1804 NC Northampton Co. John H. Marable Proved will of John Wilson Swancy
1804-1805 GA Clarke Co. John, Richard, Robert and
William Marable
Militia service
1805 SC unknown Henry Hartwell Marable Born
20 Sep 1806 GA Clarke Co. Robert Marable Married Catherine Vickers
13 Jul 1808 TN Davidson Co. Dr. John Hartwell Marable Married Nancy Ann Jones Watson
27 Aug 1808 GA Wilkes Co. Champion Christopher Marable Married Mary I. Moreman
1810 TN Rutherford Co. Braxton Marable Counted in the census
1810 TN Rutherford Co. Rev. Henry H. Marable Counted in the census