Marables in the Civil War

Wherever possible an individual is identified by indicating his or her line of descent from one of the three sons of  Major George Marable who left issue: William, George or Benjamin. Uncertain or missing links are indicated with a question mark.)

Detail from a Federal Civil War map of Charles City Co. showing Sherwood Forest, the residence of Ex-President Tyler, and the Marable Store and residence. The country store was probably established by Major Watkins Marable (b. 1818) or his son Albert Warren Marable (b. 1840).

The general store and house were occupied by a granddaughter of Albert Warren Marable as late as 1973. Originally, the roadway ran between the store and the house, but the store was relocated across the road nearer to the house when State Route 5 (the John Tyler Memorial Highway) was widened to two lanes and paved (running through the original store's porch).

The home of George Bernard Major (of Martha, George) and his wife, Elmora Catherine Griffith Marable (of George, Edward, George) is also marked, near the north edge of the detail.

[Abner Terry Marable  of  Halifax Co.,  VA
(b.1849, son of Benjamin, George, George)
1st Virginia Regiment, Co. B. ]


The legend has long been told, and accepted by chroniclers , that Joseph G. Marable of Chicasaw Co., MS (b. 1839, of C. C. M., George, Matthew, William) and the 11th Mississippi Regiment, Co. H., was the last to carry the colors of the 11th Mississippi at the end of the charge up Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg.  It is said that he picked up the fallen regimental battle flag and carried it to the wall next to Brian's Barn atop the ridge -- arguably the point of furthest Confederate advance at Gettysburg. It is said that he was then wounded, falling across the flag, so that after the battle federal forces found him with the flag under him on the battlefield and captured both.  He was imprisoned at Fort Delaware from which he escaped, together with his cousin Warren Reid. They crossed the Chesapeake Bay with the help of coal boat skipper (others say he used a floating ladder) and rejoined his unit.

This is now at best a matter of controversy. The publication of the Diary of Lt. William H. Peel 1863-1865 (Ellen Wilds, Pioneer Publishers, Carrolton, Mississippi, 2005) presents an almost contemporaneous account of the final surrender at Bryan's Barn of Peel and 12 men under his command who advanced to within 30 yards of the wall and then took shelter behind Brian's Barn. According to Peel they were captured with the battle flag of the 11th Mississippi Regiment, which was last carried by one of them, Pvt. George Kidd (of Co. C).

The historical evidence (trumping family legend, no matter how widely accepted), thus, favors the view that the colors of the 11th were taken with the 13 men who surrendered behind Brian's Barn, not with Joseph, fallen at the wall. The Museum of the Confederacy, has removed the story of Joseph Marable from its display of the Flag and no longer names its final bearer.

[Above: Imperishable Glory, painted by Mr. Dale Gallon, depicting the charge and the wounding of the colorbearer, was commissioned by the 11th Mississippi Memorial Association. ]


Entry in the Bible of Benjamin Marable of Sussex Co., Virginia, memorializing the death of his grandson, Benjamin B. Graves (b.1836, son of Martha Ann Marable (m. Crosher Graves), daughter of Benjamin, Hartwell, George), at the Battle of Gettysburg.

[Right: James Richardson Marable of Williamson Co., TN  (b. 1835) 4th Tennessee Cav., Co. F. (Son of Matthew, John, William).]


". . . . While at Mulberry Island five of the members of the Guard volunteered to serve on board of the Patrick Henry during the engagement between the Merrimac and the Federal fleet in Hampton Roads: Robert E. Davis, Wm H. Lacy, Richard M. Binns, [and] Ed W. Marable under command of Lnc Corporal Jno. E. Major." (From the notes of John E. S. Major (George Bernard (Major), Martha (m. John Major), George; and Elmora (m. George Bernard Major), George, Edward, George) concerning the Charles City Southern Guards, Company K, 53rd Virginia Reg., Armistead's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps.) 



Partial table of Marables in the Civil War:

Abner Terry Marable (Benjamin, George, George)

1st Virginia Reg., Co. B.

Albert W. Marable (Major W., Abraham, George)

Charles City Southern Guard 
53th Virginia Reg., Co. K.

C. Marable (?)

17th Virginia Reg., Co. K

Champion Marable (?)

1st Virginia Engineers, Co. 7

Champion Hartwell Marable (Matthew, John, William)

4th Tennesee Cavalry, Co. F

David A. J. Marable (William,Edward, Hartwell, George)

41st Virginia Reg., Co. A. Color sergeant. 
Mortally wounded at Malvern Hill.

Edward  P. Marable (?Edward, Hartwell, George)

13th Virginia Reg., Co. D

Edward Warren Marable (Edward, Edward, George)

Charles City Southern Guard 
53th Virginia Reg., Co. K.

J. E. Marable (?)

59th Virginia Reg., Co. H

J. H. Marable (John, John, William)

Lunenburg Light Dragoons 
9 Virginia Cavalry, Co. G

James E. Marable (?)

Charles City Southern Guard 
53th Virginia Reg., Co. K.

Jim Marable (?)

9th Virginia Reg., Co. G

John H. Marable (William,Edward, Hartwell, George)

13th Virginia  Cavalry 
Courier of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart.

John S. Marable (C.  C. M., George, Mathew, William)

11th Mississippi Reg., Co. H

James Richardson Marable (Matthew, John, William)

4th Tennessee  Cavalry, Co. F

Joseph G. Marable (C.C.M., George, Matthew, William)

11th Mississippi Reg., Co. H 
Captured at Gettysburg, escaped, rejoined.

M. W. Marable (?)

10th Virginia Reg., Co. D

Major Wattie Marable (Major W., Abraham, George)

5th Farina Virginia Artillery

Matthew N. Marable (Matthew, John, William)

4th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. F

Richard  H. Marable (Edward, Edward, George)

Charles City Southern Guard 
53th Virginia Reg., Co. K.

Richard W. Marable (C.C.M., George, Matthew, William)

8th Mississippi Cavalry., Co. E 
Wounded at Brice Crossing.

William Robert T. Marable (William, Edward, Hartwell, George)

41st Virginia Reg., Co. A 
Captured at Burgess' Mill.

W. Marable (?)

3rd Virginia Reg., Co. A

W. C. Marable (?)

3rd Virginia Reg., Co. C

W.  H. Marable (?)

1st Virginia Signal Corps

William H. Marable (?)

13th Virginia Reg., Co.H

William H. Marable (C.C.M, George, Matthew, William)

11th Mississippi Reg., Co. H 
Killed at Gettysburg.

William H. Marable (Thomas C., Champion C., Christopher, William)

48th Alabama Reg., Co. K 

William Ward Marable (John B., John, Matthew, William)

22nd Georgia Reg. Co. C

Zebulon M. Pike Marable (John, John, William)

22nd Virginia Reg., Co. 7

Full table of Marables in the National Archives Civil War Muster Rolls Database.