Charles City County

The business of George Marable, the immigrant, caused him to invoke the aid of the court of Charles City County with some frequency. Between 1676 and 1679 George Marable was the plaintiff is six separate matters, some record of which has been preserved in the surviving portions of the court's order book for those years. (Charles City County, Virginia, Order Book, 1676-1670, abstracted and compiled by Margaret McNeill Ayres (1968).)

This litigation suggests that George Marable owned and worked property in Charles City County, although no patent or deed has been discovered to date to substantiate this. Five of the cases are claims for moneys due (which at that time meant a quantity of tobacco), but one is an action against William Pride to recover the value of two oxen killed at Pride's order. The oxen were likely astray in the county, suggesting, again, that Marable held property there.

The evidence of the death of George Marable also comes form the court records of Charles City County. Among the orders of a Court held at Westover on 3 Feb 1685 appears the following:

Many of the grand children and great grandchildren of George Marable, the immigrant, were born or made their homes in Charles City County over the ensuing two hundred years.

Lt. Edward Marable

Worthy of particular note is Lt. Edward Marable, son of George Marable of Westover parish (who was grandson of the immigrant), who served in the Chalres City County militia during the Revolutionary War, commanding the garrison at Sandy Point during the winter of 1776 until relieved by a Continental guard.

Virginia Committee of Safety