Bruton Parish Church

The church of Bruton Parish which one may visit now in Williamsburg was built around 1715 to replace the second Bruton Parish Church (also called the first brick church) which had been completed in 1683. The foundations of the first brick church were discovered and briefly unearthed beneath the present churchyard in 1938.,

The original contractor for the building of the second Bruton Parish Church was George Marable of James Citty:

The foundations were laid to support buttresses, but the only drawing of the completed church shows no buttresses. Although Mason suggested that representing the buttresses was beyond the competence of the artist, Ivor NoŽl Hume, in his book Here Lies Virginia, an Archaeologist's View of Colonial Life and History (Alfred A. Knopf, 1963), speculates that omission of the buttresses may have been among the unspecified changes to the original contract made when the contract was re-let to Captain Page.

Thus, it is possible that the foundations which lie beneath the present churchyard were in fact laid by George Marable. We will never know what his dispute with the vestry was, but it is possible that the re-letting of the contract was occasioned by the death of the originial contractor (known to have occurred before Ju1y 1683) rather than by that dispute.