Marable Family Bible Records

 Family of Counties Years Other Surnames Included LVA No.
Benjamin Marable Sussex 1777 - 1923 Pennington, Graves, Williamson, Moore, Parsons,  Parker, Potts, Cobbs, Williams, Patrick, Polk 23491
Benjamin Marable  Pittsylvania, 
1782 - 1969 Terry, Cabowitz, Oliver, Dunlap 
Edward Warren Marable Richmond, Henrico, Prince George, Surry 1841 - 1941  Marks, Jeter, Woody, Cole   30419
Crosher Graves Sussex 1819 - 1842 Graves, Lacy, Pennington 23492
Richardson Haw Hanover, 
Richmond City
1809 - 1918  (reference to family of Edward Warren Marable and Rosalind Haw) 37740
 Dunlap  Washington 1831 - 1842  (reference to family of Samuel T. Dunlap and Flora T. Marable)   28433

Marable Family Bible Records
Sussex County, 1777-1923
Library of Virginia No. 23491

These notations are from the Bible of the family of Benjamin Marable, the son of Capt. Hartwell Marable and Elizabeth____ (who married, second, Capt. Jesse Williamson), of Sussex County, Virginia.  


Benja Marable was born February 4th 1777 

Patey Marable, daughter of John Pennington and Sallie Graves, was born March 20th 1788 

Martha Ann Marable was born July 21st 1807 

Sallie Graves Marable was born Oct 12th 1810 

John Henry Marable was born Jan 1st 1813 

William Edward Marable was born Oct 23rd 1815 

Mary Rebecca Marable was born July 26th 1818 

Benjamin Franklin Marable was born Oct 27th 1821


Benja Marable departed this life January 19th 1827 

Elizabeth Williamson departed this life June 4th 1828, aged 79 

Patey Marable departed this life, Monday, September 23rd, 1850 Funeral text, 1th Chapter Job 14 verse 

Benjamin Franklin Marable departed this life Saturday, July 5th 1856 At the Alleghany Springs 

Hester Ann Graves departed this life Sunday May 11th 1856 Funeral text Deuteronomy 32rd Chapter & 29 verse 

Killed in defense of his country at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3rd 1863 Benjamin B. Graves



John Thomas Holt Moore & Mary Elizabeth Graves were married Wednesday 21st August 1867 

Martha Christian Graves married Robert William Henry Parsons about 1870 

She afterward married Robert F. Parker 

Annie Christian Moore and Reginald Hassell Potts were married Oct 12, 1892, Hartford Co., N.C. 

Thomas Holt Moore and Sue Mae Cobb werer married Kinston, N. C. 

Benjamin Eugene Moore and Mattie Williams were married New B--- N. C. 

Mary Virginia Moore and James Elia--- Patrick were married Aug. 21, 1907 


Annie Christian Moore daughter of J.T.H. and Mary E. Moore wa born 17th September 1868 

Thomas Holt Moore son of J.T.H. and Mary E. Moore born 29th September 1871 

Benjamin Eugene son of J.T.H. & Mary E. Moore born the 15th August 1873 

Mary Virginia Moore daughter of same born Oct 16 1879 


Edward W. Graves departed this life in Madison County Mississippi October 29th 1863 

Martha A. Graves departed this life on Wednesday 28th November 1866 

William E. Marable departed this life Wednesday May 6th 1874 

Sallie G. Pennington departed this life Tuesday May 19th 1874 

Virginia Marable wife of William E. Marable departed this life Satur day 30th May 1874 

Mary Rebecca Marable died in Jun 1894 or thereabout 

Mary E. Graves Moore died Oct. 17, 1910 

Martha Christian Graves Parker died Feb. 1909 

John Thomas Holt Moore died Dec. 26, 1923

Grandchildren of J. T. H. Moore & Mary E. Graves Moore 

Children of R.H. Polk and Annie C. Moore 
Anne Elizabeth born August 29, 1893 
James Manning born July 14, 1895 
Reginold Heber born June 21, 1897 
John Gary born Sept 4, 1899 
Marissa born June 12, died 16, 1902 
Edgar Allan born Aug 28, 1903 
Mary I??gima born Dec 19, 1906 
Alphius Nilson born May 21, 1908 
Marianne Frances born Jun 6, 1911 

Children of Thomas H. Moore and Sue ??? Cobb 
William born 
Edmond Wadsworth died in infancy 

Children of Benj. E. Moore and Natalie Williams 
Mary Belo born 
Mary Elizabeth 
Benjamin Eugene 

Marable Family Bible Records 
Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties, 1782-1969
Library of Virginia No. 28425

These notations are from the Bible of the family of Benjamin Marable, son of George Marable and Sarah Sherman of Halifax County, Virginia  


Benjamin Marable was born Mch 1st 1782 

Susan W. Marable was born Mch 11, 1803 

George J. B. Marable was born Oct 30th, 1821 

Jno. R. Marable was born Augst 27th 1826 

Mary H. Marable was born May 26th 1825 

Daniel Terry Marable born Apl 4, 1845 

Edward L. Marable born Apl 25th 1847 

Abner Terry Marable born Mch 18th 1849 

Eliz w Janice Marable Born June 10th 1857 

Nathaniel Tunstall Marable born June 7th 1864

Benjamin Marable and Francis A. Terry 
     were married on August 9th 1842 

Daniel Terry Marable and 
     Mary E. Cabowitz were mar 

Fiona Thomas Marable Daughter of 
     A.T. & E. W. Marable was born 
     August 5, 1875 

Eunice Lee Marable born Nov. 25th 1876 

Benjamine Stockton Marable born 
     Mch 11th 1878 

Frank Oliver Marable born Mch 27th 1881 

Cabell Conrad Marable born Sept 3 1883 

George Daniel Marable born Sept 19 1885 

Narblir (?) Sue Marable born 4th A 1888 

Gertrude Anderson Marable 3-3-93



Edward L. Marable died August 8th 1865 

Benjamin Marable died Feb 24th 1871 

Nathaniel T. Marable died Jany 18th 1873 

Eunice Lee Marable died June 9th 1875 

Haddie Sue Marable died June 25th 1889


Benjamin Marable and Frannie A. Terry were married Augst 9th 1842 

Daniel Terry Marable and Mary E. Cabowitz were married April 6th 1864 

Abner Terry Marable and Eliz D. Oliver were married Nov. 5th 1874 

Flora Thomas Marable-Dunlap died June 1937 

Gertrude Anderson -- died 1969


Marable Family Bible Records 
Richmond, Henrico, Prince George and Surry Counties, 1841-1941
Library of Virginia No. 30419

These notations are from the Bible of the family of Edward Warren Marable, son of Edward Henry Marable and Elizabeth Timberlake of Charles City County, Virginia  


E. W.Marable 
Born February 14th 1841 

Rosa Haw Marable Wife of E.  W. Marable Born September 8th1850 

Myrtle L. Marable 
Born October 12th 1867 

Ivy Vinton Marable 
Born December 26th 1869 

Nellie Osborn Marable 
Born June 21st  1873 

Edward Warren Marable 
Born October 19th 1874

Richardson Osborn Marable 
Born February 23d 1877 

George Franklin Marable 
Born Nov 16 1884 

Daisy Dell Marable
Born April 3, 1886 

Joseph Haw Marable
Born March 15, 1886



Nellie Osborn Marable 
Daughter of Rosa H. 
and E. W. Marable 
Departed this life August the 26th 1873 
Joseph Haw Marable
son of Rosa H. and E. W. Marable 
departed this life Aug 23 / 87 

Edward Warren Marable 
died Nov 24th 1898 

Edward Warren Marable Jr. 
died Jan. 

Rosalind Haw Marable 
died March 6th 1919

Anne Wheeler Marable
wife of George Franklin Marable
died Mch  8th 1920 

George Franklin Marable
died Sept 24th 1922 

Dr. Wirt Peebles Marks
husband of Myrtle Marable
died Sept 2nd 1926 

Myrtle Lee Marable
wife of Dr. W. P. Marks
died Feb 14th 1930 

Edward Hartwell Marks
son of Myrtle Lee and Dr. Wirt Peebles Marks
died April 11th1933 

Grace Marks
died Mch 18th 1941



Died - Richard Osborn Marable
           Feb 23, 1952 -- in Richmond, Va --
Daisy Marable Woody 
July  4, 1955 -- in Richmond, Va.


Myrtle Lee Marable 
Dr. Wirt Peebles Marks 
Wirt Peebles Marks, Jr. 
Edward Hartwell Marks 
Charles Harrison Marksborn Oct 8th 1896
Myrtle Vinton Marks born Mch 25th 1898
Richard Franklin Marks born Dec 19, 1899
Helen Rosalind Marks born July 13th 1902
George Osborn Marks born Nov 28th 1904
Junius  Marable Marks born July 7th 1906
Daisy Dell Marks born Aug. 22nd 1907

Ivy Vinton Marable 
Thomas Walker Jeter
Rodophil Kennedy Jeter born May 30th 1896
Thomas Walker Jeter Jr. born Aug 30th 1898
Ivy Marks [?] Jeter born Feb. 5 1893

 married Feb 23rd 1892 

born Nov 4th 1893 
  "    Nov 17th 1894 

George Franklin Marable
Anne Maria Wheeler
Anne Louisse Marable born April 5th 1917

George Franklin Marable born Mch 6th 1920 

Daisy Dell Marable 
Benjamin Chester Woody
Myrtle Vinton Woody born Sept. 3rd 1916



Myrtle Lee Marable
Dr. Wirt Peebles Marks
married Feb 23rd 1892 

Ivy Vinton Marable
Thomas Walker Jeter
married June 20th 1895 

George Franklin Marable
Anne Marie Wheeler
married June 26th 

Daisy Dell Marable
Benjamin Chester Woody
married Feb 25th 1913 

Charles Harrison Marks
married Gertrude Miller of Mexico

Ivy Vinton Jeter 
daughter of Ivy Marable and Thomas Walker Jeter 
married Les. L. Cole 

Thomas Walker Jeter Jr. 
married Vadis Norris Murphy [?] 

Wirt Peebles Marks Jr.
Grace Gerraunt Shepherd
married Feb 4th 1928




Graves Family Bible Records 
Sussex County, 1819 - 1842
Library of Virginia No. 23492

These notations are from the Bible of the family of Crosher Graves and , Martha Ann Marable, daughter of Benjamin Marable and Patey Graves of Sussex County, Virginia    

MARRIAGES Crosher Graves and Salley Henry Lacy was married the 30 day of march 1819 

Crosher Graves and Rebecca Pennington was married the 23 day of November in the year 1826 

Crosher Graves and Martha Ann Marable was married the First  day of November 1831 by the Rev:d Overton Bernard 




William Henry Graves son of Crosher Graves and Sally his wife was born the 3 day of January 1825 

Juriah Clements Daughter of Crosher Graves and Sally his wife was born the fourth day of August 1821 

A daughter of Crosher Graves & Sally his wife was born the 19 of December 1822

BIRTHS Sally Henry Rebecca daughter  of Crosher Graves and Rebecca his wife was born the 19 of August 1827 

Joseph John Pennington son of Crosher Graves and Rebecca his wife was born October the 21 1829 


DEATHS Juriah Clements Departed this Life the 15 day of August 1822 

the infant departed this Life the 3:d day of January 1823 

Sally Henry wife of Crosher Graves Departed this Life the Six day of January 1823 

William Henry son of Crosher and  Sally his wife Departed this Life September the Six 1825 

DEATHS Joseph John Pennington son of  Crosher and Rebecca  his wife Departed this Life June the 19th 1830 

Rebecca wife of Crosher Graves Departed this Life October the14 1830 

Sally Henry Rebecca daughtger of Crosher and Rebecca his wife died the 16 September 1831 aged 4 years 28 days 

And I alone am left to moarn -- C Graves 

Crosher Graves departed this life Tu July the 5 1842



Hester Ann Daughter of Crosher and Martha Ann was born September the 14 1832 

Martha Christian Daughter of Crosher and Martha was born June  the 6 1834 

Benjamin Bartholomew son of Crosher  and Martha Ann was born January 31st 1836 

Edward Wadsworth son  of Crosher and Martha Ann  was born February the 8 1838 

Mary Elizabeth Daughter of Crosher and  Martha Ann was born December the 27 1839


Anjelica daughter of C & Martha Ann was Born august Tu 31 1841 and departed this life the same day 1841 


Haw Family Bible Records 
Hanover County and Richmond City, 1809 - 1918
Library of Virginia No. 32740

These notations are from the Bible of the family of Richardson Tyree Haw of Hanover County and Richmond City, Virginia    


Miss Marg.t Mills Watt, to Richardson Tyre Haw -- April 7th 1831 

Miss Margaret Ann Haw to Pleasant D. Ellett--May 27th 1855 

Miss Mary E. Haw to William D. Ellett December 12th 1855 

Miss Harriet N.Haw to John M. Gregory December 15th 1857 

Miss Rosalind W. Haw to Edward W. Marable November  26th 1865 


Sallie Kidd Haw and R. A. Tonich[?] April 29 1869 

Helen Mor [?] Haw and John Shellin [?] Ragland April 29, 1869 

November 28th, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Moses D. Hoge, D. D., Richardson W. Haw and Mrs. Ruth D. Toone, daughter of Captain John M. Sheppard, all of this city.



Richardson Tyree Haw was 
     born June 12th 1809 
Marg.t Mills Haw was 
     born Oct 25th 1811 
Hugh Richardson Haw was 
     born Jan.y 4th 1832 
Sally Kidd Haw was 
     born July 18th 1833 
Marg.t Ann Haw was 
     born April 21st 1835 
Mary Elizabeth Hawwas 
     born Feb.y 17th 1837 
Richardson Wallace  Haw was 
     born May 23 1838 
Harriet Newell Haw was 
     born Feb.y 15th 1840 
Joseph Williamson Haw was 
     born Oct. 8th 1842 
Cornelia Malvina Haw was 
     born Nov. 5th 1843 
Helen Mar Haw was 
     born Nov 14th 1845 
Rosaline Williamson Haw was 
     born Sep.t 8th 1847 
John Osborn Haw was 
     born Oct 11th 1849 
 Richardson Carroll Ellett was 
born March  19th 1856 

Lenora Virginia Ellett  was born September 25th 1858 

Margaret Ann Ellett was born March18th 1860 

John Munford Gregory was born September 29th /60 

Margaret Alana Ellett was born July 27th 1857 

Martha Ann Ellett was born January 2nd /61 


DEATHS  Hugh Richaron Haw departed 
     this life --  April 16th 1834 
Joseph Williamson Haw departed 
     this life -- Oct. 17th 1842 
Richardson T. Haw departed 
     this life -- August 20th 1849 

Mary Elizabeth Haw, wife of Wm. Presley Ellett (after a prolonged illness) Apr. 28 1870 

Margaret Mill Hay (Watt) died Feb 9th 1878 in Richmond burried in R. W. Haw's section in Oakwood. 

Richardson Wallace Haw died Nov. 29th 1901 



________________________ For the Banner of Temperance TRIBUTE OF RESPECT

  Whereas,since our last meeting, "Relentless death," the  only certain lot which man, as mortal heirs, has laid his icy hand on one of the membeers of the Division, our esteemed Brother Richardson T. Haw, we should feel duly warned of  our own uncertain tenure of life. 

  Resolved, That the full attendance of this Division at  the solemn funeral of brother R. T. Haw attests its appreciation of his virtues, and the loss it and societyhas sustained by his removal from amongst us in the full maturity of an honest, upright and industrious career.  Ifhe had faults, it may be asked who iss without them?  To err is human -- let us emulate his virtues and forget his errors. 

  Resolved, That while  we  feel and  lament our personal loss, we sincerely sympathize with, and offer our condolence to the afflicted familyand immediate friends of our deceased brother, and hummbly praythe Almighy Patriarch of the whole human family tohave them in his kind care, and visit them with his gracious protection. 

  Resolved, That, as a further testimony of our regard for  our deceased brother, we wear the usual mourning badge for thirty days. 

  Resolved, That a copy ofthis proceeding be furnished to the widow of the deceased brother, and one tothe editor of the Banner of Temperance for publication.  J. M. McKENZIE, R. S. Chickahominy Div. Sons of Tem. Aug. 25th, 1849                                    No. 103  



Died, on the 19th ult., at the residence of Mrs. Nathan B. Clarke, in Hanover Co., VA., Miss MARY A. HOOPER, of Richmond, formerly of Hanover. 

  The deceased was a daughter of the late Jos. Hooper, an honored elder  of the Pole Green and Salem church. The child of parents who commanded their children and their household after them, that they should keep the way of the Lord, this interesting young lady  early embraced the religion of her fathers' and became a consistent follower of Christ. Her membership, which begun in June, 1855,was with the Third Presbyterian church,  Richmond, by the people  of which she was held in high esteem for the many admirable graces  of her Christian character, and her readiness to employ her  time and  talents in self-sacrificing and laborious works of usefulness. It  was  to them and their pastor a source of deep regret that her vocation as  a teacher led her to reside for several years beyond the bounds of the congregation; but they ever had the assurance that her conscientious and faithful performance  of duty made her a blessing to  others wherever she resided. 

 Her growth in grace and in Christian hope was daily more apparent, and her works of faith and labors of  love were multiplied. Her piety was intelligent and full of cheerfulness, and constantly justified the wisdom of those young persons who seek their  pleasure first in the Kingdom of God. She went down to the grave universally lamented, leaving an  example that will long  live to instruct and to encourage all by whom she was known. 

 Her illness was brief; and though her sufferings were at times acute, death seems to have been to herself unexpected, until she was within a few hours of her departure; but her expressions up0on the subject revealed  a perfect serenity of mind and an entire resignation to the Divine will--joined with a truly edifying humility, the entire rejection of all dependence upon her own righteousness, and a sincere desire, if her life should be spared, to be more holy and more devoted to the service of the Master. Her request for prayer was not that she might live, but that she might live to the glory of God; and her last hours beautifully illustrated the words of the Apostle, "For me to live  is Christ, and to die is gain." 

 A bereaved mother and other near  relatives, among whom is included a beloved brother in the ministry, of the Synod of Virginia, will receive the sympathies of a  wide circle of friends who can estimate their affliction and their loss.


Died in this city on  Tuesday, August 28th, at half-past 1:o'clock little NELLIE  OSBORN, infant child of Edward W. and Rosa W. Marable, aged two months and five days.


Died in Farmville, Virginia, April 28th 
Mrs. MARY ELIZABETH ELLETT, consort of Mr. William P. Ellett, in the thirty-fourth year of her age.  

 Though called suddenlyaway, this amiable Christian lady leaves behind her the sweet hope that she rests in heaven.  She was for many years a member of the Presbyterian Church. Her duty in life was beautifully accomplished in the  exhibition of those lovely virtues which make the  household a Christian home. Modest, kind, trustful, conscientious, an affectionate wife, a careful mother, a faithful friend, she filled wellthe responsible position assigned to her by Providence, and is greatly mourned by those who remain.  May the God of comfort hallow their pious grief by leading them to say with resignation: "Thy will be done."  R.  M.


HAW.-- Died, at the Retreat for the Sick Tuesday, March 5, 1918, at 1:15 
 Funeral services THIS AFTERNOON at 4:30 from Overbrook Presbytarian Church.


In Greensboro, Ala., in the residence of his brother on the 28th August [illegible] Mr. PITMAN K. WATT, aged ninety[?] two years. 

 Mr. Watt was born in Hanover county, Va. He had been a resident of Greensboro but a short while, and but few had the pleasure of his acquaintance.  He was an aging sole gentleman and will be sincerely mourned by his relatives and a host of friends here and in the Dominion.


DIED WATT -- In Greensboro, Ala., on the 22d day of the month, HUGH W. WATT, formerly of Hanover county, Va., in his sixtieth year.


In this city, on Wednesday morning, the 5th  instant, after a painful and lingering illness of whooping cough and pneumonia, WILLIE D., youngest son of Pleasant D. and Margaret A. Ellett, aged 2 years5 months and 24 days.  ========= DEATHS   Died, on the 6th instant at half-past 7 o'clock A. M., of pneumonia, at her father's residence in Richmond, HELEN MAR, youngest daughter of Pleasant D. and Margaret A. Ellett, aged one year, ten months and twenty-two days. 
Farmville papers please copy. 

  Died, on the 21st of June, in Richmond, WILMORE ST. CLAIR, the infant son of Pleasant  D.and Margaret A. Ellett, aged five months. 

  The funeral sermon of the three children, WILLIE, HELLEN, and WILMORE, will be preached from Leigh Street church next SUNDAY AFTERNOON (29th instant) at 4 o'clock.  Friends of the family are invited to attend. 




Richardson Tyree Haw born June 12th 1809 
Margaret Millss Watt born Oct. 25th 1811 
married April 7th 1831 
Margaret Mills Watt Haw died Feb 9th 1878 
Richardson Tyree Haw died Aug. 20th 1847 
Mary Elizabeth Haw born Feb. 17th 1837 
Mary Elizabeth Haw married William Presly Ellett Dec 12th 1850 
Mary Elizabeth Haw wife of Wm Presley 
     Ellett died after a pro. illness Apr. 28th 1870 

Margaret Alim Ellett born July 27th 1857 
Martha (Wash) Morecock 


Dunlap Family Bible Records 
Washington County, 1831 - 1942
Library of Virginia No. 28433

These notations are from the Bible of the family of William W. Dunlap of Washington County, Virginia.    

BIRTHS William W. Dunlap  Was Born November the 20 1831 

Mary Ellen Dunlap Was Born November the8th 1838 

Martha Jane Dunlap Was Born July the 31st 1868 

Charles Gilford Dunlap was Born December the 3th 1849 

Nancy Albana Dunlap was Born March the 23th 1870 

Samuel T. Dunlap was Born July the 9th 1876 

Robert H.Dunlap was Born May 23th 1878 



Kittie E. Dunlap was Born September the 20th 1881 

W. W. Dunlap Died Jan 29 1907 

Mary E. Dunlap Died august 27/1917 
Bettie E. Dunlap died october 22 1926 
R A Dunlap died october 21 1928 
Martha Jane (Patter) Powell died Dec 30 1947 

Charles Gilford Dunlap passed away Nov 16, 1956 Fri 12:Noon 
Samuel  Tilden Dunlap died Sept 28 1926 
Flora Thomas Dunlap Jan 29 1937 
Nancy Dunlap was Born May the 24th 1889[?] in the year of our Lord 


MARRIAGES William W. Dunlap was married to Mary E.  Mahaffey September the 30  1867 

Martha Jane Dunlap was married to James L. Wygal march 17th 1897 

Samuel T. Dunlap was married to Flora T. Marable Sept. 5, 1906 

Charles Gilford Dunlap was married to Lowes Marie Alcox Nov 26 1942