Family of Filmore Marable and Sallie Alston
of Granville Co., North Carolina


Marable family gathering in North Carolina on 28 July 2001.


Sally Ann [Marable] Hobson of Silver Springs, Maryland, has traced her family to slaves listed in the 1858 inventory of the estate of Edward Travis Marable (b. 1796, Lunenburg Co., VA; d. 1858, Granville Co., NC).




Sally is a granddaughter of Filmore Marable and his wife Sallie Alston. Filmore is thought to have been the son of Osburn Marable (shown above at age 37 in 1858) and Mary, his wife (shown above at age 30).

Sally has found that in the 1870 U. S. Census of Granville Co., North Carolina, following emancipation, a large household headed by Osburn Marable, but probably including more than one family, was counted residing adjacent to, or on the same parcel as, Col. Edward T. Marable's widow, Elizabeth D. [Butler] Marable. That household includes Osburn (49), Mary (42), Granderson (29), Filmore (19), Julia (17) and Alexander (14), -- all of whose names are found on the 1858 schedule. Also in that household are the younger children Isabella (10), John (10), Oliver (7), Cornelia (6) and Granison (2), along with Jemima (80), California (20), Frankie (3), and George (1). Sam (then age 70) and Violet were counted living nearby in a separate household.


Sally Ann [Marable] Hobson is the daughter of Edward Butler Marable, son of Filmore Marable. She is a visual information specialist with the Naval School of Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland. This self-portrait is an example of her work.


Sally's brother, Joseph N. Marable, is living in Bermuda now and is manager of Genesis Hair Design, 44 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.