Some Other Marables From Around the Web


Prof. Manning Marable (b. 1950) is the great grandson of Morris Marable, who was brought to Alabama from Georgia as a slave, probably by Erasmus Groyn Marable. He is the Director of the Center for African-American Studies at Columbia University.

Dr. Nina Marable is a granddaughter of Adolphus C. Marable (b. 1866, Talladega Co., AL; d. 1943, St. Johns Co., FL), himself a great grandson of John Marable (b. 1771, Mecklenburg Co., VA; d. 1817, Clarke Co., GA). She teaches at the University of Georgia.

Georgia State Senator Richard O. Marable (D- Floyd Co.) is a great grandson of William Ward Marable (b. 1835, Walton Co., GA; d. ca 1914), grandson of John Marable (b. 1771, Mecklenburg Co., VA; d. 1817, Clarke Co., GA).

Jennifer Marable of Canyon, Texas, is a cross country and tract star. Her brother Eric carries on a family tradition in tennis competition (their dad, Gary, is the high school's tennis coach).
Alfonso Marable competes in sport kiting. At the Maryland International Kite Festival, April 24-26, 1998, he placed 5th in the experienced individual precision class and 3rd in both the individual ballet and quad ballet.

Tu-Wanda Marable, Miss Fort Valley State University 1997-1998, Fort Valley, Georgia. She is studying biology and hopes to be a dentist.

Dwight Marable, President, Missions International..



Overnight Transportation Co. All-Star Road Team. On the far right is Michael Marable of Detroit.


Bobby Barnes now raises chickens at the Unfinished Chores Ranch in Saint Vincent, Arkansas. Wife Kathie's Web page says he is still a kid, only bigger. He is a descendent of Edward Marable (b. ca 1805, near Norfolk, VA).