Family of Dr. George John Boswell Marable
and Martha W. Whetstone


Martha W. Whetstone, second wife of Dr. George John Boswell Marable, the mother of William C. Marable and Edmund W. Marable.

William C. Marable (b. 1875, Morehouse Par., LA; d. 1936, Eddy Co., NM), son of George John Boswell Marable and Martha Whetsone, shown here in 1881 at the age of six.


Edmund W. Marable (b. Nov 1868, Morehouse Par., LA; d. CA) was the son of George John Boswell Marable and his second wife, Martha W. Whetstone. He married Laura Bailey and they moved west, settling in California.



The Gilbert-Marable Ranch on the Rio Penasco

Photo from the El Paso Times, El Paso, Texas, 1953, of the old Gilbert ranch house on the Rio Penasco near Dayton, New Mexico. The accompanying article by Mrs. Gloria Redfield tells the history of the house which she first saw with William C. Marable and his sister, Katie P. Marable Parsons of Roswell, in 1893 when it still served as a stage stop. William worked as a hired hand on the cattle ranches in the area until he could marry Bertha Mae Coe and buy the old Gilbert place about ten years later. One of the attractions may have been the door to the adobe outbuilding which bore bullet holes put there by Billy the Kid. Bertha's father, Jasper Coe, and moreso her uncles Frank and George Coe, were associated with Billy the Kid and the McSween faction during during the Lincoln County War around 1880.


William C. Marable and Bertha Mae Coe


Family of Gloria Williamson, daughter of Cara Mae Coe Marable Smith, and grand daughter of William C. Marable. Pictured with Gloria are her husband, Jim Williamson, and their daughters Kim, Ginger, Michelle and Tabbie.